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CeilingVIEW HD-18 DocCAM with Quick-Connect USB

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CeilingVIEW HD-18 DocCAM

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  • HDMI, YPbPr, and USB 2.0 or H.264 Streaming Outputs
  • Power/Video/Control on two Cat-5’s up to 100’ (30.5m) for RoboSHOT, PowerVIEW and ClearVIEW series cameras
  • Power/Video/Control on two Cat-5’s up to 150’ (45.72m) for ZoomSHOT/WideSHOT series cameras
  • Intuitive browser-based user interface for robotic camera control, CCU image and color control
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  • CeilingVIEW HD-18 DocCAM with Quick-Connect USB
999-3029-000 (North America), 999-3029-001 (Europe/UK)

The CeilingVIEW HD-18 DocCAM is a high definition ceiling-mounted document camera system capable of 16:9 resolutions at 1080p, 1080i and 720p, and 4:3 resolutions at 480i and 576i. The 18x optical zoom lens and 1.3 megapixel 1/3-Type CCD image sensor provide precise color reproduction and edge focus, essential for displaying images on a large-format HD monitor or for transmitting critical images through an HD videoconferencing system. 

When paired with the Quick-Connect USB Interface, the outputs include USB 2.0 (UVC) Streaming or IP (H.264) Streaming in RTSP or HLS formats with IP control and simultaneous HDMI and HD analog component (YPbPr) video outputs.  
This Package Includes:
  • CeilingVIEW HD-18 DocCam camera
  • White trim ring with mounting screws
  • Tile Support Brace
  • Vaddio CeilingVIEW HD-18 DocCam IR remote control
  • Quick-Connect USB Interface (QUSB)
  • 24V power supply with AC cord set(s)
  • Quick-Start Guides
  • EZCamera RS-232 Control Adapter

Accessories & Peripherals Compatible with CeilingVIEW HD-18 DocCAM with Quick-Connect USB

No firmware updates are available at this time.

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